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  • Office Buildings
    Specializing in Commerical Cleaning of Corporate Headquarters, Office Building Complexes, and Single Office Suites
  • All types of commerical facilities
    LEED compliant, green cleaning of facilities ranging from 2 million square feet corporate offices to 5,000 square feet medical offices.
  • Medical faciltiies
    Meeting the maintenance needs of clean rooms, medical facilities, data sensitive areas
  • Urinals
    Specializing in floor renovation and ongoing maintenance
  • tile and grout renovation
    Great grout without expensive re-glazing
  • Floor specialists
    Experienced in stone floors, cement polishing, Gloss-Tek, wood flooring.



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Carpet Cleaning Services


CLS uses the most current environmentally preferred vacuuming and carpet cleaning products and techniques.

Your facility is cleaned with products that will not trigger allergic reactions or damage surfaces or fibers.

Carpets stay cleaner, longer as our products resist re-soiling. You get a longer life from your carpet.


We provide lifetime carpet cleaning with our regular monthly service to prolong the life of your carpet.

> read about how CLS extends carpet life ... some customers have carpet over 20 years old!

carpet filtration soiling

> read more from CRI on carpet filtration


Got unsightly dark soil lines along your baseboards and door thresholds?  This condition is called “filtration soiling” and is primarily found in colder climates.

Carpet filtration soiling is not a carpet defect or necessarily the result of poor cleaning, but is rather a by-product of a facility’s construction.   

Once you have filtration soiling, rely on professionals for removal.  The molecules of filtration soil are oily with an electrical charge that bonds them to the carpet fibers, making them difficult to remove.

> read our blog on Carpet Filtration

Check out our carpet cleaning video about how proper carpet maintenance can lead to carpet lasting over 20 years!

The economic benefits of using CLS to regularly maintain and clean your carpet include:

1) routine carpet cleaning has been proven to prevent premature carpet replacement and

2) clean carpets (cleaner working environment) increases productivity & reduces absenteeism.



> Carpet Maintenance and Budget Cuts

> "Imagine Not Replacing Carpet for 20 Years"!

Common Carpet StainsCarpet stains

Many facility managers stress about spilled coffee stains, but according to a recent study by U.S.Products, they should be more concerned with tracked-in sand, clay, and other gritty materials.

The most effective offense to extending the life of your carpet investment is to maintain it in the proper way, and stop contaminants from getting "tracked in."  That means having proper matting placed at the entrances and following a consistent maintenance program.

The U.S. Products study found out of the top ten types of soil found in carpet, 80% are attributed to debris deposited from the soles of those visiting or occupying the building.

According to the study, the top five soils are:

1. Sand, clay, and other "gritty” materials
2. Natural fibers such as lint from clothing
3. Gum
4. Petroleum, oil, and grease
5. Human hair and skin

> Click here to read full list of carpet soils


CLS has very high standards, so we include a complete, specially priced, initial clean-up of your facility in order to bring it up to our level of acceptability.*

We will maintain those standards throughout the life of our long-term business relationship.

*with signed regular maintenance contract.

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