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    Specializing in floor renovation and ongoing maintenance
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    Great grout without expensive re-glazing
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    Experienced in stone floors, cement polishing, Gloss-Tek, wood flooring.



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January 2015
"Bid Comparison SpreadSheet"

Read about our Bid Comparison Evaluation Spreadsheet that assures accurate RFP Response Comparison ... available for downloading; also, how to make significant first impressions in 2015.

October 2014
"Ebola, Enterovirus, and Flu"

Read about surface transmission of Ebola, Enterovirus, and Flu; Study shows proper cleaning decreases sick days.

August 2014
"Facility Floors; High Performance Finish"

Read this Facility Update: How Floors Impact Facility Health; How to avoid floor problems with high performance finish; Using hospital-grade disinfecting as standard operating procedure.

July 2014
"It Pays to be Green"

Read about five studies that link green buildings to increased productivity; see stunning results of before/after CLS floor restoration.

March - April 2014
"Carpet Filtration"

Read about eliminating odors the safe IAQ Way; Farewell Dominick's ... We Knew You well; Free Webcast- Where Germs Lurk; Challenges of Carpet Filtration Soil.

January-February 2014
"No Buffing for 730 Days"

Read about how your floor can go 730 days without buffing or stripping; Don't overlook maintaining your facility's largest filter; Update on Illinois CRE Superbug Outbreak; USGBC Winter Credential Maintenance Blitz.

Nov.-Dec. 2013
"Bundling vs. Unbundled Contracts"

Read about how to compare bundled versus non-bundled contracts and the additional costs that can be incurred; How tenants and visitors judge your facility based on your restrooms; Preparing your facility for winter wear & tear; Innovation Corner: KaiVac Pressure Cleaning System for restrooms.

Sept-October 2013
"OSHA GHS - We're Ready, Are You?"

Read about our training preparation for GHS program in order to meet the Dec. 1, 2013 deadline; Floor finish that lasts for years to save our customers money; Is your breakroom getting propoer cleaning attention?

July-August 2013
"LEED v4 is Coming!"

Read about the official launch of LEED v4 and access the LEED v4 Users Guide. There are changes that impact the points awarded for using environmentally certified cleaning products in a commercial facility. Also, learn about one of our floor machines that enable us to provide a higher degree of quality for a lower price.

February 2013
"Great Grout But At What Price?"

Read about the options for great looking grout and how you don't have to pay exorbitant prices to have it! See the difference in CLS's maintenance costs vs. a well-known glaze competitor. Also included is information about the increase of bed bugs in various facilities and how Chicago is #1 for bed bug infestation.


Our president, Susan Popovic, is featured in CM magazine Oct. 2012 issue, a leading publication in the janitorial nad maintenance supply industry.

> read excerpts

October 2012
"Prestigious Corporate Headquarters Trusts CLS to Maintain Its Buildings"

Read about how a major corporate headquarters, located on the border of Naperville and Lisle, Ill., trusts Cleaner Living Services to maintain the housekeeping and floor preventative maintenance in its new 1.2 million square feet facility. Other stories include:
  • Keeping Carpet Out of Landfills
  • Most Common Carpet Stains
  • Green Cleaned Buildings = More Productive Employees

July 2012
"Cost Cutting Can Create Liabilities"

Read about the unintended consequences of maintenance budget cuts with a white paper by the director of KPMG Advisory Services. The document addresses the liabilities of implementing certain cost-saving measures, as some may result in a long-term liability despite the short-term savings. Other stories include:
  • Secrets to Maintaining Long-Term Relationships with Cleaning Contractors

  • Four Sealant Options for Concrete Floors
  • Hot Links to Concrete Polishing Examples; Trends Impacting Facility Maintenance; Hand Drying Facts that Could Make You Sick and Ideal Locations for Hand Sanitizers in an Office Facility

April 2012
"Imagine Not Replacing Carpet for 20 Yrs. or More!"

Read about how you can wait 20 years before replacing the carpet in your facility. CLS has long-time customers with carpet that is well over 12 years old but still looks new. Some customers have carpet that is 20 years old. The secret? The CLS carpet cleaning and preventative maintenance program. Other stories include:

  • The Nightmare of Improper Gloss-tek Application
  • NEW! Hybrid Poly Floor Sealant Ideal for Warehouse Floors
  • Advanced Training: Dry Carpet Cleaning with Green Seal Products

January 2012
"New Floor Services - Revive, Restore, Renovate"

Read about how your terrazzo floor can be fully restored to its original brilliance and our ongoing maintenance program to keep it brilliant. Other stories include:

  • The Today's Concrete Polishing Creates Stunning Surfaces
  • Video: Saving Money with Entrance Mats
  • NEW! V-8 Floor Sealant

August 2011
"Great Grout Without Glazing"

Read about how desperation for great looking tile & grout floor shoudn't drive you to choose a process that locks you into expensive quarterly maintenance costs. CLS uses a restoration process that always keeps your tile and grout floors looking new. Other stories include:

  • Study: Hand Sanitizer No Substitute for Hand-washing
  • Green Seal Introduces Specialty Cleaning Product Standards
  • Dirty Restrooms Lead to Lost Business

May 2011
"Floor Finish That Lasts for Years"

Read about our floor finish that needs No Buffing and No Maintenance! CLS has been applying this extraordinary floor finish for years in local businesses, office buildings, and corporate headquarters. Over five years, it is estimated to save approximately 35% over conventional floor finish products. It works on VCT, vinyl sheet, terrazzo, VAT, concrete, or tile and grout. CLS is also the choice for professional floor cleaning services and floor restoration. Other stories include:

  • In the Office: Women are more "Germy"
  • Giving New Life to Tile and Grout
  • Hot Links to 10 Ways Business Can Conserve Energy; Prevention of Slip and Fall Accidents

January 2011
"HOT ISSUE: Lengthening Carpet Life"

Read about how local facility managers are relying on CLS for carpet pre-purchase expertise on real-life wear-and-tear and what facility managers should expect in maintenance costs. We place our customers on a schedule cleaning and vacuuming program specific to their particular needs. Other stories include:

  • CLS Helps Corporate Headquarters Customer Earn GreenGuard Healthy Clean Certificate
  • Podcast on "Odor Control on Upholstery and Fabrics"
  • Hot Links to Plants that Clean Indoor Air, Best Restrooms in America

November 2010
"Three Easy Steps to Shine in 2011"

Read about how you can follow three easy steps for a successful maintenance year: 1) Be smart when evaluating cleaning proposals, 2) Use trained cleaning professionals to avoid damange and "do-Overs' and 3) Look to partner with contractors who are accessible and want to build a long-term relationship.

October 2010
"First Impressions Within Your Budget"

Read about the areas that mean the most when making a first impression with your facility. Other stories include: Cleaning contract bundling saves you money; and the difference in vacuum.

August 2010
"SPECIAL REPORT: Bed Bugs in the Office"

Read about how these nasty bugs are showing up in corporate offices and refer to our "Bed Bug" page for information on how to deal with them in an office environment.

June 2010
"Common Omissions in Cleaning Proposals"

Read about common omissions in cleaning proposals and how they can impact your bottom line. ALso included in a Green Cleaning Case Study.






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